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online & editing~~

hello to all new followers, and thank you so much for your follows and reblogs!! ^u^


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just left the stone age of PSE6 for PS CC! new and improved edits coming soon!

gonna go browsing for a new theme so i can organize everything and make my blog more navigable!



new theme!!! easier navigation!!! that took forever!!!

nap time *v*

so happy you did another FLAWWWLESSSS EDIT <3333 keep it up T^T

Ohhhhhmygooseness, you are so sweet!! thank you so much!!! ;u;

i need to pick scenes with more movement/positions next time

you’re just my type
what’s a boy to do?
oh, i think i’m into you

so thanks to the xkit guy, i’m able to see all of the lovely tags you all add to my edits without even leaving my dash! so cool!!!

you’re all so cute, thank you so much for the sweet comments!! <3



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